The Bhagvad Gita Sanatan Dharma Scholarship aims to promote independent research, focusing on the rational foundation and the teachings of the Bhagvad Gita.

The Bhagvad Gita is a well-known Hindu spiritual text which is universally accepted not just for its sanctity, but also as a guide in our day-to-day life i.e. “a handbook of life”. Messages from Bhagvad Gita such as: “Inaction in action and action in inaction” of Bhagvad Gita are within the reach of common seeker of all ages.

The scholarship offers multiple earning opportunities based on age and education level. Eligibility for the scholarship is extended to any student who is currently enrolled in the United States education
system at the middle school and high school.


  • High School Level – 3, $201 each
  • Middle School Level – 3, $151 each


  • Specific Gita Shlokas will be given to participants as per age group
  • They are required to memorize Shlokas and understand the meaning: For middle school: memorize only 5 shlokas, For high school: memorize 10 shlokas
  • Submission: Audio of recitation and your own written explanation
  • There will be a Video conference/interview with short listed candidates on diction and meaning of Shlokas
  • Winners will be announced via email / website


For sponsor information, email: and
Call: Harsh Dave at 954-873-1651 or Bhakti Mehta 412-478-0533
The Coalition of Hindu Youth (CHY) is formed to foster unity and share
resources. CHY, is a project of World Hindu Council of America (VHPA).
Non-profit, Tax ID 51-0156325


Applicants must submit:

  • This Science and Sanatan Dharma Scholarship application form
  • A one paragraph summary of your community service work from the current academic year
  • A transcript (official or unofficial) or report card
  • A recorded audio of your shloka recitation in mp3 format (memorize and recite from memory) – download Gita Shlokas using link below
  • Short essay describing your own explanation of these Shlokas and how you could apply the teachings from these Shlokas into your personal life
  • Submission deadline is 8th August 2016.


For middle school (memorize only 5 shlokas): Chapter 12-  Gita Shloka 1 to 10

For high school: Chapter 2 –  Gita Shloka 54 to 64

Contact: (954) 873-1651 or (412) 251-9133 or

All entries must be submitted before 8th August 2016.

Winners will be announced on 2016 Ganesh Chaturthi (4th Sept. 2016