2013 Essay Submissions

Attached below are some essay submissions from the Science and Sanatan Dharma Scholarship 2013


TOPIC- Pick any conflict in the world today, and discuss how you would apply the principles of Sanatan Dharma to resolve that conflict. Explain your rationale with examples from our Dharma Granth (Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagvad Geeta, Puranas, Vedas etc).

High School:

TOPIC- Discuss Swami Vivekananda’s views of Science, and how it relates to Vedic spirituality.

Middle School:

TOPIC- Is there any manifestation of God (Ganesh, Shiva, Vishnu, Ram, Durga etc) that you would like to emulate in your daily life? Which attribute(s) of that God appeals to you, and why?