Congratulations 2013 Winners!

Thank you to all the applicants for the excellent submissions. Here is a list of winners for the Science and Sanatan Dharma Scholarship 2013.

·         Shriya Srinivasan, Ohio
·         Janaki Barot, Virginia
·         Devika Patel, New Jersey

High School:
·         Nikhil Thakkar, Massachusetts
·         Vinithra Madapoosi, Missouri

·         Payal Patel, Indiana
·         Riya Patel, New Jersey
·         Aditya Singh, Florida
·         Kaasinath Balagurunath, Massachusetts

The certificates and the scholarship award will be mailed to the address provided on the application forms.  We will be posting the winner’s essay on the website later this week.  Thank you for your research and desire to learn more about sanatan dharma!

Video of the SDS winners announcement at the Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Winners of the SDS-Canada: Akriti Pandey, Reshme Dyal, Ravin Dyal. Tej Tanden, Om Temple Carlisle, MA, a sponsor. Bhakti Mehta, SDS team.
SDS-Canada winners

Thank you,
Scholarship Team